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  • appreviewerprofile7777, 8/1/2021
    Nice Accessibility- still need more titles added and no ASL interpreting/limited kids options
    Previously the Actiview app had movies like Wonder with ASL interpreting and disappointing this didn’t carry over to this app. We really need more like this for kids, especially to have access. My daughter is in 2nd grade and starting to read is only now starting to understand many popular mainstream movies because Deaf children who don’t read currently have 0 access.
  • That blind guy, 7/9/2021
    Crashing fixed
    When I first downloaded this app, it just kept crashing. I’m not sure what changed, but now it works perfectly. Synced almost instantly to the movie I tested with. I’ve updated this because I think the app deserves a fair review, but in response to the developers, I’m running IOS 14.6 on iPad 6th.
  • Pipi306, 7/9/2021
    Thank You
    Thank you for providing this opportunity so I can watch movies and TV accessibility with my daughter.
  • audio description lover, 3/9/2021
    This is fantastic! So glad to have it. Wish there were more movies available that were more current.
    This is terrific! I’m going to let more of my friends know about it.
  • a different steph, 1/5/2021
    I was skeptical at first because most AD isn't great but I've been pleasantly surprised with not only how well it syncs up with the play from a TV, iPad or any audio source but reacts to a pause/stop and restarts again with no issues! Also there's been lots of content from paid streaming shows like HBO which I didn't expect. If their content can continue to expand, I see this as a staple for the blind community which has yet to have a staple! Well done!
  • blindbrian, 12/6/2020
    Spectrum Access
    Since finding out about this app a year ago I have enjoyed it immensely. Was very excited to see the new TV shows being added and look forward to more new movies. Thank you for providing this app since going blind I find that services like these make me more involved.thanks.
  • truffletine, 11/13/2020
    LOVE IT!!!!!
    Just discovered this app a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for developing an app like this.I am so very excited about this new technology. I have been waiting for it for a long time and hoping it will be available on all TV shows movies etc. just as close captioning is. Thank you so much for providing this for free and the only reason I gave it four stars is I have just started using it and there are not many TV shows at all on it. Is there anyway other than checking the app occasionally to find out when new programs and movies are being added? Thank you again!
  • blind misfit, 10/3/2020
    My thoughts on the app
    So I got an email from Be My Eyes about this app. I downloaded it and I am very satisfied with what I have seen so far. I have already recommended this app to a couple of friends.
  • Ahfla1, 10/3/2020
    Audio accessibility
    I thank Be My for leading me to this fabulous app with audio descriptions. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to “watch” a movie.

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It was great to finally be able to not have to sit so close to the TV. I can now get all of the information I need and sit with my son on the couch.

-Mark, Maine

I love being able to plug an ear bud in and just have the audio description to myself. Now my 12-year-old can watch it her way, and I can enjoy it my way as well.

-Pipi, Kansas